Dermalogica Body Treatments

Mineral Salt Scrub

Invigorate the skin with body brushing & exfoliating the skin with the warm mineral salt scrub

£25 25 Mins

Treatment Body Wraps

Indulge your skin, body & mind. This treatment includes body brushing, full body exfoliation then rest in a warm body wrap whilst enjoying a relaxing oriental scalp massage.

Choose from one of the following

 Power Recovery Wrap

ideal for those suffering with signs of premature ageing, or suffering with dry senstive or irritated skin.

 Nourishing Sea Mud Wrap

A cleansing & nourishing treatment suitable for all skin conditions, stimulates circulation & nourishes the skin.

£45 60 Mins

Purifying Back Treatment

This treatment is the ideal stand-alone service for clients who need the benefits of both stress relief and purification on the back. Perfect for both men and women, even one treatment will leave the skin smooth while helping to combat any breakout activity and relax the muscles. A deep-cleansing scrub is followed by extractions and then a back massage, a deep cleansing mask and a massage to the back of the legs if required.

£35 45 Mins

Total Body Care Treatment

This treatment starts with body brushing, then full body exfoliation, and finishing with a body massage using warm, pre-blended essential oils.

£65 90 Mins

The Total Body Indulgence

We start with body brushing, full body exfoliation & rest in a warming wrap of your choice whilst receiving an oriental scalp massage & then finish with a full body massage.

£80 120 Mins